LPDT3_Level Hyperbleak

Although in many places the architecture is a close collaboration between Selavy and Max, nevertheless there are also areas where one of them has worked more or less solo. Such is the case of level "hyperbleak," the uppermost level which is Max's stunning contribution to the architecture that he has placed at 4000 virtual meters above the ground. One fine morning we looked - and there it suddenly was!

"Hyperbleak" created a challenge when it came to creating the attire of the NPC avatars who are expected to operate on this floor: Since the architecture itself has relatively little text, the role of text carrier has fallen upon the avatar. Thus, the avatars carry sticks of sentences and gigantic toruses which also have text mapped onto them upon their bodies. All of this text derives from the Gutenberg text generator, and the motion is provided by cycling 10 textures over each component of the attachments.